Klasik Otomobil Restorasyon Fast Care Porsche 944


Turnkey restoration projects on 15 steps.


The projects which include the required jobs for which the second-hand cars reach their original condition.


Solution to all kind of estetical problems. The required detailed jobs for your car’s appearance to look in better condition and more attractive.


We do our job just because we love cars. Our primary sphere of activity is not tinker, paint job or “body shop” job like our competitors. Our primary sphere of activity and specialty is “restoration” We don’t start our projects just by taking a screwdriver or wrench and trying to take the car in to pieces. In direct contradiction, we initially do research of literature which is required before starting our project. We obtain the manuals belonging the car. We do a job plan. We work with the best repairmen of Şaşmaz Sanayi Sitesi who proved themselves in point of speciality by finishing their jobs perfetly in the past. We share and record all the details of the jobs we did with our customers.We give guarantee to all process we do. The most important part is we formalize all the processes we do.

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Customer Comments

First I had hesitations but I realized that I am on the right place as the project approached to the conclusion. No matter what they say “Fast Care” is an expert.

Evo 3 is a very special car because of its uniqueness in Turkey. Loyalty to my car is dramatically increased after the processes done to my car. Delivery of my car before the feast was the most meaningful present to me. Fine details I realized after the delivery of the car also made me happier.

Processes made by Can Hergüner with niceness and great devotion was perfect and brilliant. I only chose “Fast Care” for all kind of revision processes since 2013.

I don’t think there is any other firm in “Şaşmaz Sanayi Sitesi” working captiously and cleanly like “Fast Care”. If you love your car, the only place you can take an exclusive and authentic service is “Fast Care”.

I thank a lot to Can Hergüner and Fast Care family for their effort they spent to my car on restoration process.

Sevgili Can Abi ve Fast Care, Sizinle tanışmamız şans eseri olarak gerçekleşmişti. Otomobilime kendi otomobiliniz gibi sahip çıkıp projemizi titizlikle bitirdiniz. Karşılıklı olarak maddi - manevi uyum içinde olmamız, projemizin planlı şekilde başlayıp devam etmesini ve başarıyla tamamlanmasını sağladı. Projenin başarıyla tamamlanması işinize olan saygınızdan dolayıdır. Aracımız için kullanılan tüm malzemelerin kalitesi, işçilik ve iş takibi yeteneğiniz müthiş. Umarım sen, Fast Care markası ile daha iyi yerlere geleceksin. Yeni bir projem olursa uğrayacağım ilk adres Fast Care olacaktır.